CanalCam FAQ's


Q - Where is CanalCam?
A - It's in UK > Yorkshire > Saddleworth > Uppermill > Huddersfield Narrow Canal (HNC if you like TLAs)
(See the links page for more on Saddleworth, Uppermill and the Canal)

Q - Uppermill in Yorkshire, not Lancashire?
A - Don't get me started again, just go see these people!

Q - What's he building on the other side of the canal?
A - Well, it's almost finished now, but we're still not sure, looks like a very small, but nice house to us!

Q - How often does CanalCam Update?
A - The camera is triggered every few minutes or when any movement is detected.
CanalCam stops updating overnight when it's dark

Q - Do you have any regulars on CanalCam?
A - Yes, watch out for "Gerard" - The Albino Canard (or "Ged the Duck" to his friends) - he stalks people. The innocent amongst you will assume that he is simply wanting bread, but he actually has another, far more devious agenda!
Also, keep an eye out for the Pennine Moonraker, a lovely blue canal boat that offers regular tours up and down the HNC. Shire Cruisers occasionally pass as well. If you're very lucky, spot the Horseboating Society who also use the HNC at times

Q - What software/hardware do you use for CanalCam?
A - That's a tecchie question, but seen as how you're asking, it's a 3Com HomeConnect Camera - 3Com have stopped selling them now, which is a shame becase they offer really good image quality in low light conditions.
The Software is TNL's CaptureMax 2.5, and it's a great piece of software for a good price.
The image is uploaded via a DrayTek Vigor 2600 ADSL Router, via Zen's ADSL service to the t' web server

Q - Is CanalCam the most Boring WebCam in the World?
A - At times it's could be! But Uppermill tourism seems to liven things up at the weekend.
You have to keep checking because you never know when something exciting could happen!
Note - CanalCam is now ten times as boring - you can see the last ten images taken by clicking on the "previous" button below the image. Please also feel free to try the Saddleworth Web Ring for a change of scenery!

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